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Daily new cases of COVID-19 may have peaked in U. S., following Italy and Spain

Geogrande.com / Published April 8, 2020

The number of new COVID-19 cases reported each day in the United States may have peaked on April 5 (see accompanying graph). This follows Italy who peaked on March 27 and Spain who peaked on April 1.

Graph of new cases of COVID-19 - U. S., Italy, Spain

The U. S. currently leads the world in the number of new cases each day, followed by Italy and Spain.

Since the apparent peak in the U. S. on April 5 at 34,272 new cases, the number has declined to 30,613 new cases on April 8.

Spain has had daily new cases in the 4,000 to 8,000 range since peaking on April 1. Italy’s number of daily new cases has declined to 3,039 on April 8 since reaching a peak of 6,557 on March 27.

Significant virus control efforts such as stay-at-home orders began on March 14 in Spain, on March 11 in Italy, and around March 16 in the U. S. Each of the three countries appear to have reached a peak in daily new cases less than three weeks after starting their virus control measures.